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Notezilla is a useful note manager that you can use to quickly write notes, to-do lists, and reminders on colorful sticky notes to be stuck to your Windows desktop, as well as websites, documents, programs, or any other window. Once installed, Notezilla will add a new icon to the task bar. You can create a new note with just one click on the icon, so you won't lose any time.

If your desktop is full of too many notes, you can organize them into folders and find them by opening your note explorer, from which you can view and organize them. You can tag Notezilla notes by context, theme, or project, and password protect them to keep your private information secure.

The app also includes options to change the appearance of your notes, like color, transparency, skin, and text formatting. From the program options, you can leave the notes always visible, attach documents to them, or even activate an alarm. With Notezilla it's possible to synchronize notes with your PDA or smartphone through Microsoft Outlook. It's the perfect tool to help you never forget a meeting or important event.
By Álvaro Toledo

Trial version limited to 30 days.

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